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Announcing the Launch of Fondelle Studios - Video Game Production Company

July 09, 2018

We are so excited to announce the launching of our new Video Game production company called Fondelle Studios.  Fondelle Studios will create, develop, produce and publish Video games.  Fondelle Studios is now the parent company to B'Bop and Friends.  Video games for teenagers and young adults will be produced by the Fondelle Studios brand.  B'Bop and Friends will produce Video games for younger children.
What can you expect from Fondelle Studios? Only the best.  As you see, we already have a good start.  We have characters that will be developed with a story line combined with colorful visuals for their virtual world.  All of the story line visual games will include an educational learning component.  Each game challenge will have to be met before the gamer is allowed access to the characters virtual world and the entertainment part of the games.  Competitive games such as Basketball, Tennis, Skateboard competitions will be bundled within each virtual world.  In the near future, we will also create and produce an action packed rescue mission game series and a superhero game series for teenagers and young adults.  Oh yes, we definitely have a plan and a vision for our new journey.  We are in full development mode.

We plan on documenting our journey through our website blog and imagery of the models we are creating as we move along in the development phase of the projects.  So stay in touch.   Maybe you or someone you know have an interest in getting into the Video Game industry.  Our vision is big.  The Video and Mobile Game industry is a 23.1.billion dollar industry and we are planning to play a big part in the Economic growth of this industry. Everything we will create will be new, different, exciting and fun.  
We are planning a lot of interesting events to promote, incorporate and share knowledge with the community as we embark on this journey. 
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