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About Us

Gre-Fonda Hardy, the founder, owner and CEO of Fondelle Studios, LLC and B'Bop and Friends LLC was raised and educated in Detroit, Michigan. She has a Bachelor’s from Wayne State University concentrating in Computer Science and Business Administration and a MBA in Global Management.  Gre-Fonda is highly accomplished with many years of proven leadership experience in Enterprise Technology deployments and implementations in the Automotive, Banking, Telecommunications and Technology industries.

Noelle Hardy, the co-owner and Vice-President of Fondelle Studios, LLC and B'Bop and Friends, LLC was raised in Detroit and Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Noelle pursued her higher education at Howard University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Chemistry.  Growing up in a household with computers, computer technology is second nature to Noelle. Noelle has impeccable social networking, marketing, communication and problem solving skills which has made her a valuable asset in helping to shape B’Bop and Friends. 
Our Mission:  As women business owners, we want to uplift our culture, improve our image and our place in the tech industry by empowering and encouraging minorities, women and children to become more involved in STEM endeavors.

Fondelle Studios and B'Bop and Friends is located in the USA, in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Gre-Fonda Hardy, CEO
Noelle Hardy, Vice President

B'Bop and Friends 3D World Video and Mobile Game