B'Bop and Friends Motto: smart kidz are kool kidz

Experience The 3D Virtual World of B'Bop and Friends

The B'Bop and Friends brand will create 3D interactive Video and Mobile Games for children.  The first game currently in the last phase of development is B’Bop and Friends 3D World. This game is not only fun, but is designed to help improve children's reading and comprehension skills by making it fun for children to read.  This game is our first children's storytelling 3D game and the foundation for the game series.  We will be expanding the game by adding more characters, 3D environments and new storylines.

This game includes a reading challenge, 9 interactive 3D scenes, a basketball game and a tennis match game, 3 games in 1. This game will be available on Windows OS, Apple Mac OS, Apple IPads, Android Tablets and the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Controller/Console/HD TV.  All Games will be sold on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Nintendo eShop and here on www.bbopandfriends.com. 

B'Bop and Friends 3D World Video and Mobile Game is for ages 4-14.