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B'Bop and Friends 3D World Video Game - Starter Pack

This 3D Video Game is every parents dream.  It's educational and entertaining.  B’Bop and Friends 3D World will surely keep children entertained while reading and experiencing the 3D World of B'Bop, Hop, Lyssa and Noe who are good friends.  This is the Starter Pack, the first game in the series.  The game will be developed further to include many more characters and 3D Environments.

Features of the Game

  • 4 - Story lines for each character
  • 4 - Sets of Challenge Questions
  • 4 - 3D Bedrooms
  • 1 - 3D Multi-Player Basketball Game
  • 1 - 3D Multi-Player Tennis Game
  • 1 - 3D Skateboard Ramp
  • 1 - 3D Dance Studio
  • 100+ Animations
  • Original Music Playlist (Clean and age appropriate)

Pre-orders will be distributed before the launch of the game.

B'Bop and Friends 3D World Video Game will launch August 2018. 

B'Bop and Friends 3D World Video and Mobile Game